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Here are a few picutres from Little Rock on December 7!
Chalee played a Toys for Tots benefit for Toys for Tot in Little Rock. She did an awesome show and got to do a lot of her new songs and some of our old favorites.

This is Chalee singing to a guy who requested "Makin' Up with You", he dedicated it to her!
Look at Them Boots! Chalee singing away during Go Back!

Mark jammin' away on his guitar to Yes I Was!
Ms. Shanna Strassberg
You can always count on Shanna to be singing away behind Chalee!

Wearin' the Toys for Tots Jacket! Chalee remembered how much colder it was 2 years ago then it was. AMEN to the beautiful weather!
Chalee showing off her boots again!

Shanna's gettin into it...can you show us that dance again?
Chalee giving a biker "The Look"

Me (Nat) and Chalee
This isn't a very good picture, but it's the only non goofy one I had of us from Saturday! Thanks for everything Chalee!

Hmmm....Chalee jammin' to Cheater's Road, showing off her headband, she really got into that thing!
Headbands provided by "Short One"