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Chalee's Lonesome Road
Chalee's new single comes out October 14th! Be sure to call your local radio stations and request it! Let's get Chalee and Lonesome Road to the top of the charts!

Chalee Tennison
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  Landslide ReMiX ?

Singer/Songwriter Sheryl Crow has remixed the latest Dixie Chicks single, Landslide. It IS being released to pop radio, and the fans are giving mixed reactions to the remix itself. Have the Dixie Chicks sold out, or are they just making up for lost time? Only time will tell. Visit for more info on the fabulous trio. The Dixie Chicks new album Home is now in stores, you can purchase it at your local music store or at

Star Stats
Members: Natalie Maines; sisters Martie Seidel and Emily Erwin

Their name: originally known as Dixie Chicken from the Little Feat song of the same name; "But Martie didn't want to be a chicken!" says Natalie. Later changed name to Chix and, finally, to Dixie Chicks

Getting started: In 1989, sisters Emily, then 16, and Martie, then 19, started playing for tips on a downtown Dallas, Texas, street corner with two other original band members; Natalie joined the sisters in 1995

Early style: The band originally wore western wear when they performed.

CMA awards: 1998 Horizon Award and Vocal Group of the Year

Billboard Top 40 hits: "I Can Love You Better" (No. 7, 1998); "There's Your Trouble" (No. 1, 1998); "Wide Open Spaces" (No. 3, 1998)


Name: Natalie Maines
Birth date: Oct. 14, 1974
Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas
Hair: blond, worn short
Eyes: blue
Marital status: married to actor Adrian Padsar
Instruments: lead vocals, guitar
Early talent: started singing at age 3; began playing piano at age 12; won a vocal scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston
Hobbies/interests: reading, home decorating, watching movies

Name: Martie McGuire
Birth date: Oct. 12, 1969
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Hair: blond, worn short
Eyes: hazel
Marital status: married to Gareth McGuire.
Instruments: fiddle, mandolin
Early talent: began playing fiddle at age 5 and today is a championship-level fiddle player
Hobbies/interests: skiing, horseback riding and golfing

Name: Emily Robison
Birth date: Aug. 16, 1972
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Hair: blond, worn long with soft layers around her face
Eyes: hazel
Marital status:Married to singer/songwriter Charlie Robison
Instruments: Dobro, banjo, guitar
Early talent: learned banjo at age 10 and picked up the Dobro and guitar soon after
Hobbies/interests: listening to live music, especially country acts


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The Dixie Chicks
Chely and her favorite pooch Miss Minnie.

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Chely and Miss Minnie Get Their WAY
When Chely Wright was a newspaper delivery girl in her hometown of Wellsville, Kan., she knew every street like the back of her hand. ‚€œI also knew every crack in the sidewalks,‚€Ě she jokes.

Recently, the folks of Wellsville surprised the former ‚€œpaper girl‚€Ě by giving Chely her very own street, Chely Wright Way.

It all happened on ‚€œChely Wright Day‚€Ě as Wellsville‚€™s most famous citizen returned to the town for a gala homecoming. During festivities attended by Chely‚€™s family and hundreds of fans, Main Street was officially renamed in honor of the town‚€™s renowned ‚€œSingle White Female.‚€Ě City officials also unveiled a brand-new sign: welcome to wellsville, home of chely wright.

‚€œWhen you leave a great little community like Wellsville, you always dream about coming home and being famous,‚€Ě declared Chely. ‚€œBut this is an honor I never imagined.‚€Ě

Chely also gave back to her community, presenting Wellsville‚€™s new elementary school with a piano courtesy of her Reading, Writing & Rhythm Foundation.

‚€” Bob Paxman

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