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This page is dedicated to the fans of Chalee Tennison. If you have met Chalee or other fans and would like to share your story feel free to email them in along with a picture if you have one.

  Fan Friendly I met Chalee the first time two years ago on February
24. My cousins Marcie, Michelle, and I drove to
Houston to see her at the Hideout. When we got there
we found out that we had to be 21 to get in. None of
us were. When Chalee's aunt Becky heard our story she
talked to Chalee. Chalee agreed to let us stay
backstage and hang out there until her show. We got to
sit by the stage when she performed. She took pictures
with us and talked to us and signed autographs for us.
That was my first Chalee experience and it was
awesome. Every time since then has been even better.
This is a lady that knows how to make fans and keep
them. We love ya Chalee.

Chalee and Leah at Fan Fair 2002
  Chalee Remembered Me This photo is of me and Chalee at her Fan Club Exhibit Booth at Fan Fair 2001. She was signing my guitar and t-shirt for me. She told me next time that she sees me I have to play one of her songs on my guitar and sing with her. Imagine my excitement to hear this. Chalee is always so nice to all her fans. I had a great time at her first ever fan club party..she forgot the words to my song request and I had to help her out which was sooo cool! She is the best and I can't wait to get to talk with her again soon!

Me(Natalie) and Chalee at her Exhibit Booth at Fan Fair 2001

Chalee and Elaina having a goofy moment at Chalee's Fan Club Party at Fan Fair 2002.

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